Little Italy at night
Manhattan, NY
May 16, 2015

I went out one evening while I was in New York and went and shot a couple of photos. Almost all of them are imperfect in some way; the composition on a few are off, they were all "exposed to the left", the focus on another is wrong, another is just a little soft, some haven't got the tonal hierarchy that I'd really want... But they are a learning experience in shooting at night.

You'll have to imagine that some of these are what they "could have been". On the other hand, the magic of media is that it provokes the imagination: so in some deeply utterly twisted sense, what they "could have been" is what they are!

Or maybe that is all thinking too much. Maybe they are just candy from a fast lens at night in the rain. No substantiative value, but it tastes good for a moment...

Photos by Joshua Wise; CC BY-SA 3.0

(click for 1024x680-ish)

Joshua Wise, 2015