window on my world

it seems that, perhaps, every two years or so, I amass a critical amount of fragmented experience that words do not suffice to describe; you may recall, for instance, 2014's, or maybe 2016's.  I've written some about the idea that photos are, perhaps, less of a capture of an image, and more of an attempt at a captured feeling, and so maybe it makes sense that when I don't have words to assign meaning to something, a collection of images goes in their place.

the following set of images, then, is a window on my world; all shot from a fleeting moment with my cell phone. they seem to join together for me in asking the question, “what's in here, and what's out there?” … as if “in here” and “out there” were separate things at all, as if one could be innately privileged over the other somehow.

they seem to ask more questions than I have answers.

please enjoy, for a split of an instant, a view into the moments and feelings that make up me.

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April - November 2018
Joshua Wise; CC BY-SA 3.0

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19:12, 2018-04-20
15:50, 2018-04-26
09:21, 2018-05-26
15:28, 2018-06-09
08:00, 2018-06-21
18:12, 2018-06-29
16:45, 2018-07-19
15:49, 2018-07-21
20:18, 2018-07-30
16:27, 2018-08-03
17:59, 2018-08-08
18:42, 2018-10-23
17:56, 2018-10-27
18:23, 2018-11-01
13:11, 2018-11-16
14:08, 2018-11-18
09:35, 2018-11-19
14:24, 2018-11-20
16:25, 2018-11-22
15:37, 2018-11-23
09:40, 2018-11-25
18:27, 2018-11-27

Joshua Wise, 2018

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